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Rebranding Marilyn Manson

This project has been developped during the course : “Music Artwork, Packaging and Branding” at Central Saint Martins.

We were given some specific brief in order to develop a concept for a band or singer we prefer. I chose Marilyn Manson, not only because it is one of my favourite artists, but also because I think that he has clearly moved into a new direction and a rebranding in this case was due.
The idea come to me think about a mean image I had many years ago: comparing honey to pee-pee and thinking about their color, which could be easily confused. 
The idea brought me to develope that image so that evil bees produce a sweet product (honey) from a loathsome one, which is pee-pee.
Mr. Manson can obviously breath from the pipe and check that the exhaled smell is proper. 
15 Album’s Title - As most of the fans know, 15 is a recurrent date onto Manson’s albums. It is basically a mixture of biblical dates and his birthdate, as well. It is also the current date used to release his records.
So I thought about the gratest hits I always wanted from him and collect all the song titles I would like to find.
Typeface: In regards to the Typefont I have choosen, it is simply my own handwriting. I thought about Manson’s walls in his bedroom , which have been covered with poems, sentences and, above all, feelings and decided to get inspired by this.
I think the image that everyone has of him is too standard and actually not properly conforming to the way he feels at the moment. I am not supposed to be the one who can truly understand this artist, so I have only tried to blend my ideas to his usual insights.
I think this is all, so enjoy it!